A Word from Our Leader

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It is good to receive, but it is better to give. For happiness does not come from what we get but what we give. Giving is the highest form of evangelism. Through giving, caring, sharing of pains and showing love we follow our leader and savior. Jesus Christ told His disciples, love one another, and through love, all nations shall know that you are my disciples. We don’t become disciples of Christ Jesus by preaching, praying nor singing. But from the Bible, it is through showing of love. How do we show love …??? That is the question we should ask ourselves. Every day we preach to prostitutes, and they are still prostitutes, we preach to armed robbers, and they are still armed robbers. How come? What is the cause??? What happened?? Are we really winning souls for God?? When Jesus saw the widow putting all what she has in the offering bow, what did Jesus do? When He preached to people on the desert and they were hungry what did he do? Did He leave them and say God loves you??…It is time for Christians to think of what is missing in the ministry and fulfill it to win more souls for God and stop thinking that, only through organizing programs that lives will be transformed.


Join us and let us transform lives and win lost souls for God.———————— Wisdom Achebas.


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