GNL does it again!

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Posted on: Friday, January 12 2018 by Bernard Boadu

Wondering what went down this Christmas…

Since it’s birth in 2016, it has been the primacy of GNL to encourage and fortify the youth in Ghana who may be discouraged by their current circumstances. The latter part of 2017 wasn’t any different.

To close the curtains of this year…

GNL decided to donate to the Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital (PML) in Accra, Ghana. This institution was set up primarily to curb the ascendancy of child mortality in the early 90’s. The first step to curb this problem was voiced out by Dr F.V Nanka-Bruce when he deemed it necessary to set up a special hospital to tackle this situation.This cry for help was later heard by the then governor Sir Gordon Guggisburg who considered the situation with utmost importance. In the event, Princess Marie Louise of Great Britain visited the Gold Coast and laid the foundation stone for the specialist hospital.(For information about the PML visit here )


Inspired by this…

The Givers Never Lack foundation decided to pay a visit to this affable institution to not only show their support and appreciation but to also inspire the children to aim for greatness and aspire to make a difference in their communities.


Some of the Items were:

  • toiletries like tissue packs, scrubbing brushes, stain removers, mobs etc.
  • detergents
  • brooms
  • soaps
  • beverages
  • biscuits
  • drinks

Some toiletries presented by GNL…





Working to make the world a better place





A visit to the Christ Mission Orphanage and Charity home

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We find them, We reach them, We help them!


Post on: Friday, January 12th, 2018 by Bernard Boadu

Not many know what it means to be in need:

To a handful, being in need is nothing short but needing a missing pair of shoes, not having cash on them at the moment to pay their mortgage or probably just in desperate need of something they have somehow no access to.




This is not the primacy of GNL:

To us, those in need are not just people who have lost their pair of shoes or probably do not have enough cash to settle their debts. There are millions of children in the world who do not have food on their table (not to mention even the presence of a table to put the food on).




We take to heart children whose lives are in a destitute condition:

Ever wondered what it feels like to live on the streets; to wait for shops to close so that you can lay your head on the bare floor since it’s the only place you would not get soaked up by the rain?


The next rulers of Africa

We seek to help anyhow we can:

Through the provision of items such as:

  • Fruit Juices
  • Sodas
  • Cookies
  • Oil
  • Rice
  • Gari
  • Water


We help any way we know how:






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A team of brilliant students who have exhibited selflessness and dedication to service.



We would continue to go on to serve…


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GNL arrives on the Premises


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Witness WONDERS!!!


It takes courage to stand in front of people to speak and above all encourage them. But for this young man, that is not the thing. “You are not in prison. Even when they say you are bad boys or you are good for nothing, you must believe in yourself for you never know; the next president or minister would come from here – Wisdom Achebas.” 

These words not only gave words of encouragement and hope to the wards of this institution ,but also a sense of belongingness and a bright future to look forward to.


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MATHEW 25:40b- “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

GNL does it again! On the 12th of August 2017, the GNL group embarked on a donation project geared towards providing material needs as well as advice to the Senior Correction Center(SCC) here in Ghana.

This project was the bright vision of students and teachers alike who originated from the Achimota Senior High school. It was the goal of the students to be a paradigm for the young ones who have in one way or the other made some wrong choices in life due to lack of proper guidance and care ,and have found themselves tagged with abandonment and ostracization from society.

As a result, the Givers Never Lack & God Never Lies Foundation deemed it necessary to bolster the confidence of these young ones who may have given up hope for a better future and to encourage them to strive for greatness and aim at achieving every goal they set.


Teachers going out of their way to support…


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Love is shown by actions not by mouth or by saying. When we love someone, we show that love by appreciating them and by providing their needs anyway we know how to. That’s what we stand for.



We might not see, but these are the future leaders.


A Word from Our Leader

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It is good to receive, but it is better to give. For happiness does not come from what we get but what we give. Giving is the highest form of evangelism. Through giving, caring, sharing of pains and showing love we follow our leader and savior. Jesus Christ told His disciples, love one another, and through love, all nations shall know that you are my disciples. We don’t become disciples of Christ Jesus by preaching, praying nor singing. But from the Bible, it is through showing of love. How do we show love …??? That is the question we should ask ourselves. Every day we preach to prostitutes, and they are still prostitutes, we preach to armed robbers, and they are still armed robbers. How come? What is the cause??? What happened?? Are we really winning souls for God?? When Jesus saw the widow putting all what she has in the offering bow, what did Jesus do? When He preached to people on the desert and they were hungry what did he do? Did He leave them and say God loves you??…It is time for Christians to think of what is missing in the ministry and fulfill it to win more souls for God and stop thinking that, only through organizing programs that lives will be transformed.


Join us and let us transform lives and win lost souls for God.———————— Wisdom Achebas.


Unity is the key to success

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“A Dream You Dream Alone Is Only A Dream. A Dream You Dream Together Is Reality.”

 – John Lennon/Yoko Ono